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       -Learn about numbers!

How can we use our knowledge about numbers ?

Numbers can be used as an universal key. If you learn the basic meaning of the numbers, you'll gain a better understanding of yourself, the people around you, and the fundamental life principles themselves.

What's so great with learning about numbers, is that you only need to learn the basic meaning of the numbers 1-9 in order to access valuable information about everything. The universal meaning of numbers enables you to have use of your knowledge about the numbers in almost anything you do.


Though this page focus on tools to improve self-knowledge, we will mainly focus on how the numbers can allow us to get to know ourselves and the people around us better.

When I work with numbers to gain insight on people I use a method where you extract Five different numbers from the individual, and now I'm going to explain how I do that!

We will use the example of a fictive person: Johanna Malin Ekstrand. Born: 1975 09 22

You need an individual's full name (including all names from the birth certificate) and the Birthdate of the individual in order to extract the Five numbers.


If you are working with a woman who is married, make sure you use her maiden name, and not the surname she's been given when married.

Now let us go through how you go about to extract each of the Five numbers! Each of the Five numbers will get their own box so it is as easy as possible to follow! - My advice is that you grab a paper and pen and work out which Five numbers you have right away

The first Two numbers are extracted from the Birthdate


You will extract the First number by adding all numbers from the Birthdate. In our example for "Johanna" it will look like this: 1+9+7+5+09+22 = 53

Then we keep adding the doubble-digit number till we reach a single number: (53) 5+3=8 

This is the Totalnumber for your Birthday


To find the Second number for your Birthday, you don't need to calculate anything. The Second number is the day of the month you are born. Johanna is born the 22nd:  2+2=4

This is your Birthday number

The last Three numbers we calculate from your Full Name

The First number that we will calculate from your full name is the Vowelnumber. Start by putting a mark around all vowels in your full name.

If we use Johanna as an example it may look like this: Johanna Malin Ekstrand

All letters in the alphabet has a responding number. That is simply enough the order in which they appear in the alphabet:

Now we replace the vowels in the full name with their responding number value: Johanna Malin Ekstrand.

                                                                                                                                 6   1     1      1 9    5        1


You can write the numbers below the vowels in your name, thereafter, you only need to add them together.


The sum of the vowels in Johanna's name is: 6+1+1+1+9+5+1= 24


Johanna has 6 as her Vowelnumber.

The Second number we will extract from the full name is the Consonantnumber. Make a mark around all the consonants in your full name.

It will look like this for Johanna: Johanna Malin Ekstrand

                                                      1   8    5 5      4     3  5      2 129  54

Then we add all the numbers derived from the consonants: 1+8+5+5+4+3+5+2+1+2+9+5+4=54

And we continue till we reach a single digit: 5+4=9.

Johanna has 9 as her Consonantnumber.

The Third and last numberthat we extract from the full name is the Totalnumber of the Name.

We reach this number by adding all of the letters in the name. Therefore you now only have to add your Vowelnumber with your Consonantnumber.

Johanna has 6 as her Vowelnumber, and 9 as her Consonantnumber: 6+9=15


Johanna has 6 as her Totalnumber for the Name.

Super! Now you know how to extract the Five important numbers; Two from your Birthday, and Three from your Name!

Your Birthdaynumber does not have the same meaning for you as for example your Consonantnumber, we need to know what meaning the different positions of the Five number has, this explanation will follow now. Then it is high time to go through the meaning of numbers 1-9.

The meaning of the Five Positions

1. The Birthday Totalnumber is your most important number in the sense that it dominates your overall energy. The energy you make use of, primarily comes from this number. The Birthday Totalnumber shows our personal lifelessons that we need to learn. Only as we learn the lessons of this number can we live a truly happy life here. If you think about yourself and which areas where you perceive yourself to be the most strong, and if you also think about areas of your life where you have been the most challenged, but also encountered the greatest opportunities, and you compare these with your Birthday's Totalnumber, you will see that these areas and events all can be linked to the energy of your Birthday's Totalnumber. Though this number is our strength and talent, we can't utilize it fully until we learn its inherent lessons. Only when we mastered this number, can we use it consciously towards great progress and life expression.  

2. The Birthdaynumber. The Birthdaynumber may be one of the most important numbers to describe our personality. Even our physical appearance and face features tend to appear in a certain way based on which day in the month we are born. Together with our Birthday's Totalnumber we get a good picture of our basic nature. The Birthdaynumber can be the first feature that strike us when we first meet or get to know a new person, only as time go we get a clearer and clearer appreciation of their Birthday's Totalnumber which dominates them overall. The Birthdaynumber makes up a large chunk of our personality and may even indicate our career of choice.

3. The Vowelnumber. The Vowelnumber is the number closest to your heart. There is no lesson to learn here, here we only express the positive traits and energies of this particular number. Because this is the number you turn to every time you need to recharge your batteries or gain comfort from the world and it troubles. When the outside world tires us down, or becomes too much to handle, it is often this number's particular energy we feel that is lacking in our world. Then we escape to it and heed to its energies. Even if your Birthday's Totalnumber is your most apparent lifeenergy, it is your Vowelnumber that holds your heart an your values. Therefore it is very important that you consider this number in your choice of career. Because no matter how well your choice of career matches your Birthday's Totalnumber or your Birthdaynumber, your choice of career will never be a happy pursuit unless it enables you to bring your values into it. If the work does not support your values, or does not leave room for you to express your values there, you will probably not find fulfillment in your choice of career or occupation.

4. The Consonantnumber. The Consonantnumber is not as important as the rest of the numberpositions, it deals with matters concerning our environment; how we appear to others, our social persona, and also which environments we prefer to be in. If for example you are a number "5" here, you will appear unpredictable, hard to really know but nice nevertheless. You will prefer personal space and freedom, and won't allow others or life circumstances control you. I'm a 7 here, and I know myself to prefer special environments, beautiful environments with nice energies. I also seek similar company, all very typical to number 7. So take a look at your Consonantnumber if you wonder how people may perceive you, what your preferences are for your personal space, and which environments and circumstances you prefer to be in.


5. Totalnumber of the name. The Totalnumber of your name describes your destiny, or rather, the purpose of your life. This number show you what you hope to accomplish in this life, it manifests both in your achievement in your career or profession, and also in your personal development. It is the aspirations of this number that comes out when a small child declares what his or hers future plan is. We may lose our focus as we grow up, but as we get back on our course and seek to do the most of our life we find we are manifesting the purpose of this number. This number usually requires a lifetime to fulfill, and don't be surprised if it is only in your later years you feel you have truly fulfilled it. But it acts as a guide, showing you how far you have come on your road. You can ask yourself: "Where am I in my life now? Where am I heading? Am I on my way to fulfill what this number stands for?


Number 1

Number One is the first number of numbers 1-9, and carries character traits that resemble its position. Number One individuals are self-motivated individualists who's destiny is to achieve by their own ideas and originality. They strive to achieve and to reach the top; how well they succeed is dependent on their self-confidence, their self-esteem and creativity. If their self-esteem is healthy, they will have a high self-confidence, then their original creativity work at its best, they listen to their own original ideas and they go after them. But if they have low self-esteem, then they'll have low self-confidence and they may lose their creativity, and are unable to pursue in life. When this happens, they may direct their energy inwards and become self-destructive, cynical and isolate themselves.


Number One individuals are perfectionists. They put high demands on themselves, and if in such a position, can demand just as high standards from their employees. But number One individuals not only put high demands on their work effort. In the Bible we read that God, on the first day, created Light, and separated it from darkness. Number One individuals strives towards the "light", and fear and despise everything connected to darkness. Darkness is poor morals, lack of responsibility, sloppy work, and uncleanness.

Number One individuals can be very focused on keeping everything clean, their own appearance and how they dress, as well as their home. They don't feel comfortable when it is not clean and tidy around them. I have a few friends born the 28th in the month (2+8=1), and all of them are particularly focused on keeping everything clean. I even experienced occasions they have cleaned or tidied up other people's places when these have not noticed; because One individuals are polite and would not want to point these sorts of things out. Some number One individuals may go on a cleaning frenzy at times when they work with difficult emotional issues or feel stressed.


Number One individuals can be very particular and neat with how they dress. Maybe they wear only the best brands, carry well-polished shoes and well-groomed haircuts. They carry it all up with a straight posture and a big shiny smile. Number One individuals wants to be perfect. Especially in their working place, or when they have their acquaintances over it can be very important for them that everything is perfect.

The perfectionism, or the need to carry light and avoid all darkness, also put demands on them to never themselves express any negative emotions, or other imperfections. Number One individuals particularly comes to struggle with anger. They may become angry at many things, but they do not dare to show it, or acknowledge it, even to themselves.

If in a leading position they may demand just as much from their employees as they demand from themselves. Number One individuals can be extremely hard working people, and must be careful not to allow perfectionism suffocate their original ideas unnecessarily.

Number One individuals are individualists, and compete against themselves. Even if they strive for success they don't necessarily stand out among the other numbers when it comes to fame or achievements. One of the reasons can be that the number One perfection not only focuses on their career, but perfection in morals as well. They shoulder the role of the "White Knight", and oblige themselves to take care of their family and those close to them. If they can't support their family, they feel like failures. They can't escape their responsibility for their family without ending up in personal conflict. I know several male and female number One individuals who met a partner and created a family early in their lives and remained loyal and supportive towards it, at some points beyond what could be demanded of anyone. They may take on too much responsibility to support their family, even if other members of their family could ease their burden, they may insist on this role. Maybe this have prevented more than one number One individual from pursuing their original ideas.

In which areas then does the number One individual stand out?

Because of number One individuals perfectionism, they can be authorities in any given subject they chose to pursue. These individuals are aware they have to build their career from bottom up, and can ultimately handle some severe setbacks in their early career before they actually succeed. The test and challenge for number One individuals is weather they can keep faith in their own ability, keep faith in their own ideas and originality. If they can they will pursue until they succeed, if they can't, then the early failure will prevent them from making another try, where they just give up their plans and ideas. Number One individuals are destined to succeed if they remain confident in themselves and pursue. Ultimately, they then achieve their top position in their chosen field, and people look up to them as authorities and listen to their advice about how things are and how they should be done. Number One individuals can be found in areas that preferably demand discipline, originality and hard work. Don't be surprised if you find them to be entrepreneurs, professors, designers, chefs, doctors, dancers or athletes. Number One individuals only need to make sure they do not end up in a work where they are expected to follow strict rules without any room for their own originality. Of prime importance is that the number One individuals  chose an occupation where their own ideas are the key to their successful work.

Number 2

Number 3

Number Two individuals feel a calling to help other people, and humanity in large. These individuals are instinctively drawn to places, situations, and people to help and uplift, and share of their knowledge and advice.

Number Two is all about the finer harmonious energies, that vibrates for love, beauty, understanding and wisdom. Number Two share lessons with Chakra 2, and individuals with number Two must primarily learn that everything they wish to see and receive from the outer world, they must first produce and feel within themselves, and radiate that to the world.

Before number Two people realize they have the talent and ability to produce these amazing energies, they can feel only the craving for them and search for this qualities on the outside. In Chakra 2 we learn that there are two things we need to be aware of. The first thing we need to do is to be aware of what it is that has true value, and what that does not. Thereafter we need to understand that everything comes from within ourselves. Number Two individuals who still have not learned that everything comes from within, will search for love on the outside. If they knew only to feel love within themselves, they would soon find it manifested on the outside, without the need to ever feel lack of love in their lives. If we don't feel love inside ourselves, we may search the whole world and never find satisfying real love. Number Two people who do not know they need to feel love inside themselves, and who solely go to search love on the outside, for someone else to give them love, may find a partner, but they become dependent on their partner for love and security.

Other number Two individuals may focus only on money, convinced money will lead to the beauty they are striving for. Money can buy them comfort, and money can buy them beauty that they can surround themselves with (instead of producing beauty from within). Number Two people who don't learn, and follow this path, never develop the energies they came here to share, and instead live as beggars for these energies themselves. They'll never reach happiness nor find satisfaction.

Number Two individuals who on the other hand starts to produce from within that which they crave for, becomes not only happy and satisfied themselves, but of great value for all the rest of us. It is primarily the number Two individuals who become famous for their beautiful music compositions, their exceptional literature, or who acts as world diplomats or peacemakers in the world.

A fundamental question to ask yourself if you are a number Two person, is weather or not you realized your potential. Are you creating these energies from inside, and give of your gifts to the world, or do you feel starved, and are chasing happiness, love and beauty on the outside?

It is the number Two people's unique sense for harmonies and finer vibrations that makes them so talented in their crafts. When working as therapeutics they use their highly developed emphatic sense to truly see what is going on with their client. If they do international work they are exceptionally good at understanding conflicts and solving them, in a way that is best for all parties involved.

Their skill work just as well when they perform the role of a secretary or consultant, or other important positions in their working place where they can use their analytical and strategic sense to find the best solution.

Number Two individuals are just as good with strategic solutions as they are with networking. Networking plays a large role sometimes in solving a problem, or getting the message out. Two's are visionaries, and may see further down the road than others do. They may also keep a faith and a hope that inspires other people, they can inspire and rally up the crowd to follow their example if they are speakers. All these skills, and their need to reach out to people and help them, explains why several world leaders are number Two people. Two's have an attraction for the international and global, more than the local. Two's that are born in smaller cities will probably be looking for opportunities to travel out from there and put their mark in the international world.

Two's optimally choose professions where their best qualities can be used. Whatever occupation they go after, it is important for them to have influence and the possibility to make a significant impact on others there. David Beckham was a talented football player, but he was also a number Two person. In his famous career he traveled all over the world and did so much more than being a football player; because he desired to reach out to people. Two-people thrive when they get to take care of others and help them. They can be therapeutics, healers, nurses, or carry out various aidwork for the poor or disabled. Two's sympathize with the disadvantaged, and it is not unusual to find Two's in occupations or aidwork where they help children, disabled, or disadvantaged people.

It is not easy to master all lessons at once. If you are a number Two individual, you may realize that you are still looking for love and beauty on the outside, and that it is a priority for you, rather than producing it from within you. Once you learned to create these energies from within you, you will receive the very same from the outside, and you won't need to search and strive at all. A number Two person who is radiating love, acceptance and gratefulness, will attract the same good qualities to him/herself. But a person who is thirsting for love will feel alone and abandoned. To realize that it is possible to change ones life, without the need of money or outer resources, is a great insight - and that is also the purpose and point of this site!

Before mastering number 2, the most common preoccupation of number Two people is to be looking for love and appreciation from the surrounding. In their workplace they may gain satisfaction more from the appreciation from others, than the payment. What other people think of them, and how much other people likes them, may be more important than what they can earn. The search for appreciation can be a great drive in number Two people's work, for better and worse. This striving can be a force of good, when the number Two person accomplish things no one believed was possible, but a force of evil for number Two's when they step out of themselves and do things only to please others. To make sure they will be appreciated, they may go in with a greater effort than is asked for at their work; they want to make sure they are irreplaceable, and therefore also needed and appreciated.

One risk is that number Two people may put to large focus on their surrounding and weather they are liked or not. If someone at work raises an eyebrow, or their voice sound different, the number Two people can interpret it that they are not liked anymore. Number Two's have to watch carefully so they do not allow their actions to be guided solely for the reward of appreciation or love. When encouraged, they can go miles, but with what they perceive as a slight disapprovement they may immediately lose their spark and give up the project they are doing. Number Two people can be unsure of what they should do, and if one single person say this or that to them, it can motivate them to action, or make them change direction. They are not as self-going and self-motivated as are One, or Seven individuals, instead they get fuel by their surroundings approval.

When number One individuals asks themselves if they are perfect, Three's if they are successful; the Two's asks weather they are liked and appreciated.

Two's ideally work with that which the number Two energy stands for. These are fields when their great capacity for love and harmony, empathy and wisdom and understanding comes in to play. When number Two's don't produce these qualities from inside, and use them in their work, they will want to search for these qualities outside. Then they may do any job, and work senselessly hard, with the belief that their hard work will merit them love and appreciation. But you can't bargain with life. These qualities are yours as soon as you produce them, and then you will feel yourself surrounded by them. Life is a mirror of your present self.

You will find more information on how you can work with yourself on the page "The 7 chakras".


All number Three people share a common trait; they need to win and succeed. Number Three people generally has a greater chance in any competition they participate in, and beat people who are not Three's. It's the purpose of number Three individuals to succeed, and they go for it. But what is it all about?


Number 3, just like Chakra 3, is about our ability to strive forward and upwards and progressively develop. In Chakra 3 we learn that all of us follows a life process where we will be facing challenges and hinders in our way. The purpose is to overcome all these challenges. The only way for us to overcome these challenges is to reach inwards and pull out our inner resources and apply them on the problems that we face. We are not to run away from our problems, or avoid them by living over secure lives; we are meant to be facing them as we pursue our dreams, and in doing so, we gradually pull forth more and more of ourselves; eventually leading to our ultimate manifestation of ourselves. For number 3 people, this path is particular in focus.

Three's are exceptionally good at qualities required to continue forward in life and accomplish their dreams. People who are not Three's may encounter a problem and reason "OK, that is that, now I can't go further". But Three's don't reason like that. They don't assume they are what they are, they reason more in terms of "what they can accomplish". Their identity is in how much they can accomplish and overcome. Every time we are facing something larger than ourselves, something we have not yet faced in our life, we are pushed over our known limits of what we have the capacity to handle. Three's are prepared to use everything they got in order to succeed, thereby assuring no stone will be left upturned, they will use everything they can to succeed. Thereby, Three's may appear as the most ambitious people in the number family. They use tremendous effort and energy to do and accomplish everything they convinced themselves they need to do and accomplish. Often Three-people perceive there is too little time, and risk burnout going after their hectic schemes.

The strength of Threes' is to make it to the top, handle tough challenges and win. That is also why it can be so hard for number Three people to realize they have to work with themselves, because believing they have "problems" is a terror, and the ultimate failure for someone who has to be successful in everything they do. But Three's are no exception to the general rules of life. We are not meant to compensate feelings we can't produce inside, by going after their shadows on the outside. Chakra 3 does not speak about "any accomplishments", but the accomplishment of yourself. You are meant to go after your true dreams in life, whatever those may be, and not shun the challenges you will face on your way there. In this way, the optimal challenges will present themselves for you to develop as you should. But Three's can lose track of what they themselves are, and what them they selves really want to go after, and being busy achieving for the sole sake of achieving. Accepting what others perceive to be success, and not asking themselves what they really need to accomplish to be happy. Therefore Three's can be busy chasing their success, and "improving" themselves only in the most shallow manner. They'll dress better, exercise to look better, buy the latest car to impress their neighbors and friends - a sign of their success, read up on subjects to be on the top at their work, and try to master as many different activities as they can that'll make them social hits. For example, they try to be good in sports or other outdoor activities, besides their success in their chosen profession. They may show off their talents by mastering an extra language, or show off their expertise in expensive wines.

This is a 24 hour job. And Three's then miss placing resources on themselves, busy impressing others.

Three's need practice in honesty, especially honesty towards themselves. One would believe they avoid an empty schedule, just so that they will not end up alone at home where they get time to think and be only with themselves. Truth is, Three's are among the most emotional sensitive of all the numbers, and everything that happens to them affects their emotions. Parents to number Three individuals seldom realize this sensitivity, and fail paying attention to their children's feelings as much as they should. Three's react by trying their best to achieve things that will buy their parents love and approval. It is not unusual for number Three's to have parents that are primarily focused on their children to achieve great careers and be successful, rather than to be focused to give their children love and approval regardless. It is part of the test for each number, to meet the number's challenges early on.

Three-individuals likes to make the impression of themselves as winners, and view their emotionalism as a weakness, and try to conceal it from their surrounding. For the same reason, they rather not ask other people for help, but try to solve their problems by themselves so to not show any weakness. Three's needs to allow people who genuinely cares for them, get close to them. Three's risk to overwhelm themselves, they drive themselves too hard, yet deny themselves to complain or fold, or listen to their body who tells them to slow down and give themselves a break , be nice to themselves and take care of themselves.

The number Three is also about developing on the path that is personal and unique to ourselves, our own genuine path were we have the ability to fully develop all our potential. Many Three-people are extra aware of this. As soon they perceive they are at a place or in a  situation where they cannot develop further, nor use their qualities they move on to a place and situation they can do so. But this can also be a challenge for number Three-people. Maybe they listened too much to their parents as a child, or their teachers, and sought their approval and love, and began on the path they perceived they would receive this love and appreciation, rather than the path that would have fulfilled themselves. They believed that if they really went after only what they themselves wished, if they did not make up a personality their parents and important people in their lives would appreciate, but were completely themselves, as they were, then they would not receive love. As number Three-people are very sensitive, the fear of not being loved can make them conceal their true selves and only play the part that will make them receive love. If Three's do this, and deny themselves to be their true selves, they can injure themselves mentally and emotionally, and end up burned out and depressed. It is crucial for Three's to learn to be honest with themselves, and make sure they are truly doing what they themselves like to do, and not what they believe other people would like them to do, only playing a popular role.

Honesty and balance should be keywords for number Three people. They need to regularly check with themselves to see how they truly feel, emotionally and mentally, and how their bodies feel. This will also give them a clearer understanding of what it is they really want to do, and prevent them from chasing something that doesn't really make them happy. The lost number Three-person may only know they like to reach the highest level of success in everything  important they are involved in. They have to achieve in their careers, be number One in whatever sport they are competing in, have a perfect partner, perfect house and perfect children, together with being a perfect mother or father, even if there is barely no time for it because of their busy schedule. Three's are also known for jumping on one course after another in order to learn new things and skills that will improve them. Three's feel bad when they decline an opportunity for more success. For every challenge they face, they either chose to apply themselves harder, or give up and fall to depression. Sometimes they work too hard to reach success in everything and get a burn out, then they are forced to spend time with themselves. "The monk who sold his Ferrari" is perhaps a good example of the vanity Three-people risk to befall to, when they just chase themselves to reach success without ever taking a pause and ask themselves what they are doing and why. In the book the overachieving Three-career person suddenly quits what he is doing and starts pursuing a whole other path as a monk. This lead him to experience a complete other life quality and purpose of his life he otherwise never would have known. Life is so much more then the silly standards society has made up to measure success and life quality. In order to truly develop successfully, we need to experience life in its total, not some shallow surface made up by other people than ourselves.

So you see, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be successful, the problem is only if we are fooled to believe that success is that which society has portrayed it to be. Look at our Earth, and let it be an example. People claim we are developing, that we are successful, yet, our planet is more polluted than ever, species dies every day because they can no longer even live here, humans are more depressed than ever, and both love and peace seem to be something dreamed up by only the very naive and those with too much fantasy.

Number Three encourage you to achieve and develop- yourself. Learn to recognize what that really means.

Number Three-people can be a great source of inspiration to others. When they truly are on their unique path and get to show their talents and resourcefulness they inspire the rest of us to do the same. They make themselves famous as artists or actors, were their creativity and sensitivity are naturally expressed. They are winners in sports, as they practice so hard to succeed. They are amazing coaches or teachers who refuse anyone to give up and not believe in themselves, well they are successful in any career they enter if they decide to go in there and "win". Number Three-people should seek occupations where they can advance and enjoy the ride to the top, or in creative jobs where they can make use of and express their emotions and creativity. Because making use of one's inner resources is a theme in the life of the Three-person, it is important they chose an occupation that allows them to do that. They should do work where there are problems that only they can solve by the help of their own creativity and inner resources, weather they'll use their intelligence, creativity or strength.

As actors and artists they are forced to bring up their inner emotions to the surface, which is another way to make them use their inner resources, and develop themselves.

Number Three-people likes to have fun and enjoy themselves, and experience as much as they can of life. They keep the same spirit up, even when facing tough challenges. The kind of person who can always crack a joke when the situation is hot, is a Three-person! Three's are social, and can enjoy talking, dancing, eating food and drinking wine. They enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and new people. They like experimenting with new food, smell new smells, listen to new sounds and languages. When number Three-people gives advice, it seldom comes from any book they've read, but from their own experiences. Three-people usually solve their own problems by the help of their own practical creativity, and their advice for how something could be done may be as surprising as it is practical. Three's are entertaining and never boring, and are always heading forward.

Siffra 4

Siffra 5

Number Four-people are intelligent and complex beings. Early on they demonstrate that they do not wish to be controlled or ordered around by others, but that they crave their own space and structure. Fours are what you would call "personalities", they are distinguished as such just precisely because they insist on doing things the way they want to do it, everything from their lifestyle to their particular work. For some fours, this may cause problems in their lives. Unless they manage to carve out a niche for themselves where they are allowed to fully express their uniqueness and contribute to change in whatever area they are working, they may find themselves withdrawing, or constantly feel they are fighting against the structures of life, school, work, or social norms. They like to create their own structures, and will not readily cooperate if someone wants them to fit in to any set structure.

Number 4 people love systems. They find satisfaction in working with structures and systems, in whatever area they are interested in. For example, they may be into psychology, where they study all sorts of systems and structures for comprehending the human nature, they may be into architecture and creating their own special forms. They may be into music or art, organizing a complexity of sounds, rhythms or colors into their own aesthetic liking. They may be leaders, with a real talent for comprehending all the pieces and how it all should fit together. A lot of big directors are Fours. While it is easy to believe systems is only theoretic in nature, it is important to know, that even feelings, and the creative field have structures. You will find Fours that are more into computers, and Fours that are more into the human sciences or creative fields. Behind the great music pieces are more than a feeling for music, behind them is a great "mathematical" skill, or systematizing skill, that the audience often don't recognize.

Most systems that we have in the world today, are created by Fours. Fours create systems where they aren't systems yet, or renew old ones. The good thing with systems, are that they make it so much easier to learn things. Someone pave the way, and explain a phenomena by naming the pieces involved, and structuring them in a logical and comprehensible form. The numerological system, the chakra-system, and the personality type-system are all examples of such process.

Fours value their integrity, they don't like people who will uninvited trespass on their structure, routine, and what they are doing. They prefer to own their own work, so that what they are creating is perfectly in their control. The greatest overall talent of Fours, may be their ability and interest in structuring things. If number Two people are frequently found in literature and musical masterpieces, or in therapy-related work or other aid-related work, there is always a Four involved if their work involves something of structure. While Two is inspiration, Four is there to structure it, materialize it, making it tangible and in a sense, objective. While number Two people would emphatically help people, it is the Four-individual who cretae a system for doing so, summarized in for example psychology. Number Four therefore also requires "mastership". It is one thing to be inspired, but if you really want to get that fantastic piece of music that you have created in your head down on paper, to really make it sound great, then there is a whole lot of things you must take time to learn. You must learn about how to write music down, all the intricate rules of music, how different instruments work and how they operate together. If you like to have your piece performed one day, you may also have to gather those musicians who will play the piece, and organize the concert hall, and invite an audience.

The more Fours work with materializing their idea, the more they have to learn.

 Not seldom, Fours are found of teaching. If we consider that Fours usually are the ones most highly read in whatever area of expertise they are invested in, this may be a quite natural phenomena. Sometimes, Fours may even feel they have a duty to explain to others, how things work. But Fours are not so interested in only giving people straight answers, they really wish for others to understand the very structure of the thing or area they are talking about. A Four can be a very complex artist that refuse to give easy answers to any journalist or interviewer, they may even think anything they could say in such short time would diminish the greatness of the work they have done. They may even appear only mystic, letting their art speak for itself. They may also be of course, the dreaded teachers, or very interesting teachers, depending on how you see it, that will explain every intricate detail of the subject that they lecture.

The need for their own structures can make it difficult for Fours to adapt to others. Fours can feel very uncomfortable in social settings, where they are expected to fit in to some general norm of usual feelings of gaiety and happiness, which Fours seldom feel. Social interactions are almost crucial in anything that we do, be it at work, on our spare time activities and especially in our closest relationships. Fours feel pressured to produce feelings they do not have, not in the moment when they are expected to have them. For example, Four people feel uncomfortable when they are supposed to celebrate someone at work, or when they are at a large gathering with relatives and friends, they are supposed to mingle and cheer, and laugh when others are doing so. Many Fours look around and mimic what others are doing, not genuinely feeling the same feelings. They may like or even love the person celebrated, but they are thinkers. They like to think, and thereafter see what feelings that come up about that person, and then think some more on those feelings and what they mean. Because Fours are often busy within their own systems, they may not be there for their partner in a satisfying way. They may be more interested in how their partner makes them feel, and how they can keep their own structure and order of things, even if they are living together with someone else, rather than trying to comprehend, or adapt to their partners needs and structures also. Because Fours are thinkers, they rarely live in the now. When their partner stands in front of them offering them their love, Fours may feel frozen in response, feeling nothing in return. Magic happens when their partner leaves them, then Fours immediately starts longing for their partner, and all their romantic feelings for their partner are awakened. Some may even say that Fours are more in love when there is no partner around, when they only get to long for a partner.

The same process operates for them in regards to other things as well. Fours love to have things early planned in their calendar; that way they have something to long for, while they also get the pleasure of organizing their life and time as they themselves want. They don't find the same pleasure in surprises as other types may do. If someone surprises them it may have the opposite effect of what would be expected. In any occasion, Fours will then derive pleasure in thinking about it afterwards, more than they will enjoy it as it happens.

If Three-people may appear shallow and too easy minded, Fours may in contrast appear too deep and melancholic. Fours appear to go through a much more complex range of feelings than the rest of us. Fours spend a lot of time by themselves, thinking through complex things, a mix of deep feelings and brilliant thoughts they seldom know what to do about, or how to act on them. They may lack role models to follow, because they feel they need to follow their own energy and structure, and they may also lack friends who can follow them in their deep thoughts and feelings.

The number Four in the Tarot-deck, is the Emperor. The meaning of the Emperor, is that whoever wields its force is the ruler, the one setting the structure. Do you see how this applies to the number Four person? Fours know within themselves that they like to structure their own lives, and work with their own ideas and structures. They do not like to copy others, but like to be unique, uniquely themselves. The reason behind all of this is that Fours are supposed to rule, rule in the sense that they are supposed to be the ones that set forth new structures, or structures that others get to follow; they are not meant to follow others. Fours run the challenge of either protesting against the system - instead of helping out bringing in a new order of things, or adapting to a situation simply because it seem lie too much work to change how things are. This is also the reason why Fours often find themselves stuck in life. This is their great challenge. To dare to believe in their own capacity to change themselves how things are. The purpose of number 4 is not only demonstrated in the Emperor, but also card 13, or 1+3=4, Death. In the Death-card a skeleton dressed in black armor rides down everything alive, high and low, carrying a black banner with a white rose within. That white rose is you, and your immortal creative force. Not only does it speak of your immortal existence, but practically it lets you know, that in order to create something new, you have to let the old go. As soon as you decide to change something in your life, Death rides in. It does not kill anything alive, but it deconstructs your old ways and structures, all in order for a new structure to emerge in accordance with your wish. So many times we look only at the outer things, and how they change, without comprehending the force from within directing all these changes. That is the power of number 4, and what all Four-people should care for.

Weather Fours are aware of their general life-lesson, acting as creators, and learning how to re-create circumstances in their lives, their life is tied to the details of this process. Fours can for example never "cheat" to achieve something. They may see other people getting away with it, having lucky breaks or whatever, but this never occurs for Fours. Fours have the intelligence to self manifest whatever they want in life. Fours simply know how to go by, step by step, in order to practically manifest their vision, and they are supposed to carefully study this process and comprehend it, and life won't allow them to not follow the creation process. This is not to be viewed as some form of punishment or chains, on the contrary, this is what enables a person to be truly self-sufficient, to be truly free by comprehending the very structure of the creation process, gradually creating new knowledge, and building whatever advanced society they wish. 

Fours can take guidance from the principles displayed in the Tarot cards. Number 4, the Emperor, number 13, Death, and number 22, The Fool. I have explained card 4 and 13, something should be said about card 22. In card 22 (2+2=4) we are acting as creators of our own destiny too. Only, in number 13 we utilize number 1 which represents our Will to action, and number 3 that represents our own life development, our unique blueprint we are supposed to manifest as well as our immortal ever-creating being. In 13 we create consciously. But in 22, we allow ourselves to be completely open and receptive to our spirit. Here we throw our arms up to heaven and say "come what may" and know, everything in our Soul is good. In that way we allow ourselves to believe that anything that comes to us in life is for our own good, for our own development; because we leave ego out of it, and because we trust completely, others would mistakenly call this naive person a  Fool.

The action of creation can be a life long lesson for Fours to learn. They spend a lot of time to think about all possibilities they have in life to create. Often they don't dare to take the step. They remain satisfied in thinking, feeling, fantasizing and analyzing endless outcomes and possibilities. They may prefer thinking about things, rather than doing things. One challenge is to make decisions, the other to dare to call upon death, dare to let go of their old and boldly embrace something new. Many Fours encounter challenges already in their early years, where they in one way or another feel they are sabotaged in some way to move forward. They may have family problems, disease, or some other form of handicap. And they may feel there is always some form of hinder in their lives that prevent them from materializing their dreams, preventing them from moving forward or being happy. The lesson here is always the same. Fours must learn that they can recreate any situation they find themselves and that they themselves have the power to do it. As long as they insist this is not so, and that they claim someone else has the power over their lives, they remain stuck. If you are a number Four, ask yourself "Am I stuck?", "Am I standing still?", "Am I not moving forward?" "Am I unhappy because I am in a situation I wish was completely different?" If you answer Yes, than that is your cue for wielding your natural capacity for creating and being and doing whatever you want to be, or be doing.

As a Four you may feel different than your surrounding. At the same time, you don't want to be like them. But you will also notice, that if you only make believe that you are different, you may create barriers between yourself and others. This is very different from just expressing your unique you. When you create barriers to others you don't share of yourself to them, nor allow them to share with you; because you already believe you are so different from them. Sometimes Fours don't realize they do this. They maintain their difference primarily in their head, instead of just "going with it" and dare to step forward with whatever is unique with them. Then Fours become unhappy. Because they both lack friends, a partner, and a meaningful life where they share their work and opinions with the world. If this happens they start envying people who are happy, who have friends and successful lives. Instead of tearing down their walls and realizing they are not supposed to differentiate themselves in their head from other beings, only dare to express themselves and their unique gifts among others, they only draw themselves further away from people. Fours can isolate themselves and insist it is necessary because they are different, but if you are unhappy, that is always a sign that something is wrong with your approach. This may be experienced so that the number 4 person can once again experience the necessary lesson of manifestation and new creation. The purpose of the hinders in your life is for you to realize that you have put them there, or regarded them as hinders, and you can open the door anytime you want.

If Fours sets firm structures, Fives in comparison sets no structures. It is hard to define Fives, apart from defining them as undefinable. Fives become undefinable not because they lack willpower or are unsure of who they are, but because they seek to flee all definitions and structures. When Fours are busy creating systems about everything that can be experienced in life, Fives are busy escaping these structures. What makes Fours comfortable, makes Fives uncomfortable. Fives are known to seek freedom, and if we understand their needs, we understand them pretty well. To be free means a lot of things. It means you are not dependent on anything. It means, there can be nothing there to stop you from doing anything you want.

Consider this. Family and friends can give you a lot of things you appreciate and want, but there are costs to it. If you want close and committed friends, you have to give something back. You have to share of yourself, and you might have to be there when they need you. Fives sometimes prefer not to give out so much of themselves, which may have nothing to do with their integrity and lack of trust in others, but that they don't want to tie themselves into a fixed description of themselves. They do not want to be identified as the work they are doing, for example. Further, they don't want to tie themselves into some co-dependency when they have to be there for others, and others be there for them, then they may prefer to fix everything for themselves, and so they won't have to be there for others either. It is not that Fives don't like to help others, only that they do not which to be tied to anything; which is a huge difference. Fives will help out freely when no one is demanding it from them. Same that goes for close friends goes for family. While Fives won't mind having a partner, as long as that partner does not try to order them around, they may find themselves conflicted with the rest of the family and relatives. They care for them, but they do not thrive in the burden of responsibility. 

Ironically a lot of Fives end up as bosses or coaches. Of course, there is a freedom aspect to being the boss, you can do what you want and you are not the one ordered around. But apart from that, you also have to shoulder responsibility as a leader, and care for those you are leading. While also shouldering a more heavy burden of responsibility.

Fives are also known for their extreme behaviors that may go a bit too far. When they party, they party too hard. Fives may experiment with drugs and alcohol in their early years, but hopefully they learn to moderate it later on. In those cases they may go to the other extreme. Here Fives recognize their drinking habit or drug habit for example was a burden and dependency, and in order to be free they renounce it completely. I know a Five who even quit coffee because he considered it as a dependency.

Fives may also gamble too much, or take great risks in general. They love to drive fast cars and to step out on adventures. Fives tests the limits, and thrive when they surpass general limits. Therefore they may feel compelled to do this as often as they can.

The need for something new, the need to feel everything is moving and not standing still and fixed, is noticeable in how they prefer to live their lives. They often seek friends from all walks of life, they prefer interesting jobs, and they try to avoid routine. Favorite jobs may include adventurer journalist, working in a hectic newspaper always hearing the latest news, working with traveling, interesting commerce, or anything that is exciting or that can earn a great deal of money fast. Just because Fives are so interested in their own freedom, they are good at spotting how others should escape from suppression as well. They have natural skills for spotting lope holes, opportunities and advantages, and acting on it fast. IN extreme sports when you have to have superb reaction and decision-making skills within seconds, Fives are optimal.

Fives follow there own rhythm, and prefers to live a life with as much freedom as possible, or space to be whatever they wish to be. Number Five leads up to number 6. In number 6 the experimentation days are over, and we define ourselves in all areas, we stand united within ourselves. Sixes makes sure they behave according to their own standards, and shoulder responsibilities willingly. Sixes defend the current structures and may remain loyal to them, and sometimes fail to see the full picture. Sixes may have some of the stability Fives sometimes feel they lack, but all is relative. In a world full of people, especially where we are expected to fit in and behave in a certain way, there is lesser and lesser space to be yourself, and live life like you want. You may perceive we live in an open and modern world, but in reality the modern life is pretty fixed. Mandatory school, college if you want to secure a career, and then a majority of your days you are expected to work just to get money in order to sustain the whole complicated life. Fives do well in life as long as they are not forced to live according to others rules. They may accept them if they are non-intrusive, but if they are, thoughts of rebellion or escape kicks in. Some Fives even become monks just to get rid of all personal items, and responsibility of a family. Yes, Fives need their own space and freedom.

Fives are very popular people. They are often both male and female. Male Fives get along well with females and are considered charming, and female Fives are often the typical tomboy and are tough. 


But as people like to get closer to Fives, be aware that you get to know Fives by allowing them to be as they are, expressing whatever they are expressing. Fives can enjoy being in a big square watching as different people come and go, watch how everything is happening and moving. But they don't like to be placed at the spot. They may prefer the role as the observer, and may feel uncomfortable if they are placed in focus.

Sometimes this can be a disadvantage for them. Fives may wish to only "be". But to be independent, they need money. But pursuing a "career" means not only you have to tie yourself to discipline and routine, but that you have to define yourself, and focus on only one thing. Then, Fives end up in conflict again. Of course Fives can have careers, these Fives still thrive in the change of slowly advancing to a new situation in their life. Yet, it is unlikely any Five will stand with boring routine. Life must be interesting and bring new experiences. 

Finally, and not unexpectedly, Fives are the revolutionaries of our world. In almost any case there has been a revolution, Fives have been key figures in making it happen, often leading the revolution themselves. Fives acknowledge that as much as they themselves do not want to be limited by others unjustly, so does no one deserve to be so, and freeing people from enslavement is a great calling for Fives. The same trait may explain why they are such popular coaches. They simply don't believe there is a roof of what could be achieved for a group of people, or rather, if your team is up against another team who tries to subvert you - you better show who's the real boss!

Siffra 6

Number 6 people deals with personal integration. In number 5 we refused definition, and experienced life without limits, with the awareness of the price of freedom when it comes to all things we also want like family, love, friendships, positions and a career. In number 6 we strive to stand united within ourselves. This means that concepts such as moral, ethics, loyalty, duty and health all are of primarily importance. Six-people do not wish to carry double standards. If they are loyal to state and family, that means they will act thereafter completely. What they think, feel, say and do needs to be on the same page. Therefore, the ultimate Six-person radiates strength. They have strength in character and conviction, they maintain a healthy body and they stay true to their ideals. They are often viewed as the typical father or mother figure in charge.

The path of the 6 person is all about getting closer to our conscience, that eventually leads us closer to our soul, as portrayed in Chakra 6 and then 7.


As father- or mother figures they maintain order wherever they are. They make sure their family is safe and secure, and in their work place they make efforts to do their job well, and often take responsibility for making sure everyone else does to.

Sixes fear to lose their balance, or their integrity. They may fear situations where their moral is tested, their courage, or anything that can tempt them away from the careful order they established. A religious person may fear temptations who tempt them away from their faith, and a person on a health diet may fear the temptation of a chocolate cake. As leaders they can fear what would happen if someone did not follow their order, they could then end up in conflict of maintaining their status as a leader, while at the same time desire to act morally correct and polite towards other people.

The typical tests for number 6 people are related to how integrated they are with themselves. Because they are afraid of disorder, they often cling fast to both principles and rules, or maybe religious dogma. By choosing to follow something blindly, they don't have to stop and ask themselves if this and that is right or wrong, they follow a manual that tells them what is right and what is wrong, and they believe that in doing so, they never have to hesitate, and they will never be disorganized. But then life throws reality on them. The typical dark example of a 6 person gone wrong, is a very authoritarian person who only clings to outward rules. He follows them blindly and if someone done wrong according to those rules, no matter the circumstance, they shall be punished.

The lesson for 6 people to learn is that even if it is scary to not be all figured out, we still have to walk that path, the story of our own path, and our own truths, and finally our own integration. We cannot disregard ourselves and follow an outside rule. We must follow ourselves. It is not okay to be against what you yourself is doing, and defend what you are doing as "I'm only follow order", "It's the law of God" or whatever can be deferred to. You have to follow your own heart and head, and the ego, same for everyone, will eventually give in for the unity of the soul. The conscience will find peace after we faced all inconsistencies within ourselves.

The greatest lesson for 6 people is to not follow any outer authority before themselves. As soon as they conduct their actions in according to anything else then their own conscience, a warning bell should ring.

If you are afraid of losing your control, it means you should let go of it in order to be truly certain of yourself. 6 people may feel angry whenever their balance or control is threatened, whenever their right is questioned. The mother who is overprotected of her children, who is afraid anything in life can harm her children is another example of a scared 6.

The Rider Waite's tarot deck portray number 6 as "The Lovers". Spiritual text tells the story of hiero gamos - the holy wedding. What it depicts is the unification of yourself. Your male - conscious side, is in accordance with your female - unconscious. In the picture we see the configuration. The male, your conscious part, looks to the female, your unconscious/soul, who in turn looks to Source/God.

But the next six-card in the tarot, is card 15: 1+5=6. It is portrayed by The Devil. This is what happens when we follow an outer authority - and becomes enslaved - instead of following our selves, our own conscience. Because when we follow the outer, we are not following ourselves, and we are in conflict.

Number 6 people are valuable in society. Their responsibility for whatever they do, and their genuine concern for people makes them strong leaders that rise the moral of the group. When Sixes are balanced, they are valuable in any group. Then they stand as pillars of what human integration means. They say what they think, and act accordingly. Their body exudes health and vitality. They teach the value of standing up for ones own morals and taking care of the body. They inspire us to be better persons, and that we all have to face our own wrongdoings, and therefore take responsibility in all we do.  Sixes who overcome fear, sends safety and strength and courage to their surrounding, and heal them mentally, emotionally and physically.

Healthy 6 people are charismatic and warm, genuinely concerned for fellow humans well being. They do well in professions where they can help and serve their fellow humans, preferably they work with people, and not machines. As doctors, nurses and vets they display their natural ability for healing. They may also work as therapists, teachers or daycare teachers. They heal and guide as they go. They do well in any craft in need of beauty and balance. Whether it is directed to the body, to the mind or emotions, to children or to cooking food. Sixes are excellent chefs. Carpentry or other handicraft may also suit them as well as all professions within law enforcement. They are attracted to law and order and may become policemen, military, security guards, private detectives, lawyers or judges.


Siffra 7

Siffra 8

Sjuor är sanna individualister, och visar sin egen självständighet redan tidigt i barndomen. Inte sällan så ger föräldrarna sitt förtroende till dem när Sjuan fortfarande är väldigt ung, och behandlar dem som vuxna. Sjuor brukar börja sina liv tidigt, och många av de unga talanger världen presenterar är just Sjuor.

Sjuor verkar ligga på en annan frekvens än övriga människor, och i mångt och mycket så gör de det. Sjuor känner av saker tydligare än andra och det ger dem en speciell intelligens. För vad än de sysslar med så kan de nå en väldigt hög nivå. Deras känslighet är inte emotionell, utan handlar snarare om att de har mer känsligare sinnen än oss andra. Håller de på med datasystem är de som att de förstår datorer intuitivt, det är garanterat Sjuor som är de skickligaste dataprogrammerarna och hackers. Är de läkare är det som att de förstår medicin, och hur människan fungerar intuitivt, om de behöver inspirera människor är det som att de bara vet exakt vad de ska säga.

Sjuornas känslighet må vara en "hit" om de siktar in sig på en specialiserad karriär. Men deras känslighet kan utöva problem på deras hälsa. Sjuor är mer känsliga för negativa stämningar än andra, bullriga miljöer, grova, fula ord och etc. Det som är disharmoniskt tycks gå rakt in i dem och sätta sig på deras hälsa. De är också mer känsliga än andra för gifter i naturen och ohälsosamma substanser. Sjuor söker sig till harmoniska, vackra miljöer, naturen och havet, och likasinnade människor som kan dela positivitet och bra känslor med dem. De undviker vanliga människor som de uppfattar som ytliga, och som inte upplever energier såsom de gör.

Sjuor kan även söka undvika negativa saker de råkat ut för. De slätar över hemskheterna och vinklar dem till något positivt. Om människor i deras omgivning mår dåligt söker de muntra upp dem, just för att slippa de negativa energierna.

Sjuornas behov av en positiv frekvens, eller en högre frekvens än den som generellt finns på Jorden, gör att de riskerar att hamna i missbruk. De kan missbruka substanser, dricka för mycket, shoppa för mycket, eller äta för mycket av det goda. De kan även uppvisa överdrifter inom sina yrken och försköna det de gör för mycket utan att tänka kritiskt om det. Deras vilja för positiva stämningar får inte inkräkta på den intelligens de faktiskt besitter och som kan ge dem en sann bild av saker och ting.


Sjuor är väldigt intresserade av hälsa, vissa även av kosmetik och kläder. En av anledningarna kan vara att de önskar göra sin omgivning mer positiv och vacker. En individ måste må bra för att kunna utstråla vitalitet, och bra kläder och smink ökar på utseendet. Det finns flera Sjuor inom hälsobranschen, och de intresserar sig ofta för alternativ hälsokost. Eftersom Sjuorna har lättare än andra att se det som är positivt och undvika det som är negativt så kan det vara väl värt att lyssna till dem.

En stor drivkraft för Sjuor är sökandet efter svar. Sjuor har kommit att förknippas med andlighet och kallas ofta den andliga siffran. Detta bygger på en missuppfattning kring vad andlighet är. Sann andlighet är inget annat än verkligheten, men vår vetenskap idag har inte kommit så långt att de kan uppfatta den. Men då Sjuor har en förhöjd förmåga, så blir svaren så mycket mer tillgängliga för dem, och i sitt sökande efter svar kan de naturligt komma in på frågor och banor vi skulle kalla andliga eller alternativa, fast de i själva verket borde anses lika vetenskapliga som allting annat. Men i sanning så finner man Sjuor både som prisbelönta traditionella forskare, lika mycket som andliga gurus - enbart för att vi andra delat upp verkligheten kring vad som är vetenskap, och vad som är övernaturlighet eller andlighet. Många Sjuor önskar inte se en åtskillnad och kallar sig själv metafysiker.

Sjuornas känslighet gör dem märkligt begåvade, och det ska tilläggas att siffran 7 är frekvent förekommande inom alla yrken eller prestationer som kräver hög intelligens.

Sjuor tänker och analyserar så mycket att de kan ha svårt att slappna av och bara inte göra någonting. De kan spendera för mycket tid med sina jobb, eller jaga sig själva efter att hitta svar. Det behöver inte vara negativt. Det är ofta Sjuor som reser Jorden runt på andliga resor, eller blir kända som egensinniga genialiska forskare.

Men då Sjuor söker förbättring för livsvillkoren kan de också vara oerhört intresserade av


Yrkesmässigt så är Sjuor individualister. De ogillar auktoriteter och passar sämre som anställda. Om de ska vara anställda behöver de ha en egen position med väldigt stor frihet. Sjuor blir antingen egna företagare eller ser till att placera sig i en speciell position. Som specialister, ingenjörer, professorer etc tar de en unik position som ger dem mer frihet. Där trivs Sjuan, andra kan komma till Sjuan för han/hennes expertis och kunskap och Sjuan intar en särställning i gruppen. Sjuor är generellt sätt intresserade av att förbättra livsvillkoren. Om de inte arbetar med hälsa eller terapi, kan de arbeta som forskare i diverse ämnen för att förbättra vår kunskap och skapa något bättre än det vi har idag. Sjuor är intresserade av den senast tekniken som kan öppna dörrarna för helt nya möjligheter. Deras intelligens gör att de ofta är Sjuorna själva som just är upphovsmakarna till dessa uppfinningar. Vad än Sjuor tar sig för är det troligt att de blir specialiserade, eller på ett eller annat sätt oersättliga i sin position.


I siffra 8 lär vi oss om styrka, makt och rättvisa. Åttor trivs när de kan känna att de är starka mentalt, emotionellt och fysiskt.


Åttans livsläxa handlar om teman som involverar makt, styrka och kontroll.

För åttor börjar det med en barndom där de tidigt upplever att man måste vara stark för att klara sig i världen. Kanske blir de mobbade i skolan som barn, för att behöva lära sig om att resa sig och visa sin styrka. Eller så mobbar de själva och missbrukar makt. De kan också hamna i positionen där de kliver in för att rädda andra som blir mobbade och måste visa mod för att trotsa de som förtrycker. Vad de än är med om, så bildar de uppfattningen om att man måste vara stark; eller gå under.

Men Åttor utvecklas till tuffa individer med ett sant ömsint hjärta. De har själv ett behov av skydd och trygghet, och de sympatiserar med alla som tappert kämpar men är i underläge mot orättvisan. De försvarslösa är goda och oskyldiga, och de som söker skada dem är onda. Åttor slåss för att upprätthålla sanningen och rättvisan. Men Åttan är inte som Sexan, som dogmatiskt kan följa lagar och dogmer utan att ifrågasätta dem. Åttan följer inte en yttre auktoritet, utan det som deras hjärta säger åt dem är rättvisa. Så inte sällan tränar Åttor för att bli riktigt starka för att möta den tuffa världen utanför. De vägrar visa rädsla, och ofta så ljuder deras inre rättvisa så högt att de heller inte räds situationer som skulle fått andra siffror att backa. Åttan känner att det är hans/hennes roll att beskydda andra, för att de helt enkelt är lite tuffare och hårdare än andra.

Åttan accepterar inte hjälp från andra, och har svårt att gå till någon terapeut. Även om de är i behov av hjälp kan de komma att mota bort de som försöker hjälpa dem. De beter sig som män, och kan projicera alla mjuka saker till "kvinnosaker", även när de själva är kvinnor!

Åttor är lojala mot sina vänner och ställer upp för sina vänner speciellt då de är i knipa med något som kan åtgärdas med mer styrka. Om deras vänner och nära är rädda för något så manar Åttan på dem att gå till attack och kämpa, och klarar de inte av det så kan det hända att Åttan gör det åt dem.

Som Åtta går man igenom livet den hårda vägen; Åttan får inget gratis. Åttan får först något när de visat styrka. Inom sitt arbete känner Åttan tillfredsställelse av ett ärligt jobb, fusk är de inte intresserade av alls, de vill kunna göra ett ärligt jobb och gå in med det bästa de har. Om en Åtta är lat, får de ingenting. Likadant är de på de andra områdena. Åttan ställs inför livshinder som de kan överkomma genom mod och styrka.

Åttor klarar inte av svaghet, falskhet, eller otydliga åsikter. På jobbet visar de att de inte kommer acceptera mobbing, fusk eller andra oegentligheter. Åttor behöver också vara medvetna om sitt kontrollbehov. Ibland kräver de att de ska ha tillgång till all information och att inget undanhålls dem. Detta gäller både vad deras familj och vänner har för sig, som vad som pågår på arbetsplatsen. Om man försöker något med en Åtta ångrar man snabbt att man gjorde det. Åttan bibehåller sin tuffa status, och kommer göra sitt yttersta för att vinna varje diskussion och dispyt, och demonstrerar genom sin hållning att de kan använda nävarna om du inte fattar poängen. Därav kan många komma att känna sig hotade av Åttans pondus. Åttan begränsar sig inte till sitt eget välbefinnande och hur de själva blir behandlade, Åttor är kvicka att vända upp och ner på ett företag om de ser att saker inte går rätt till, eller att människor blir felbehandlade på något vis. Om en plats är lugn kan den snart bli allt annat än lugn när en Åtta dyker upp. Det är som om Åttor klarar sig sämre på platser som har fred och harmoni, och att de behöver något att bita i, en bad guy att besegra. De går in och letar efter felaktigheter de kan provocera upp och angripa. För visa arbetsplatser skulle detta kunna leda till något riktigt bra, tänk Gordon Ramsey "Kitchen Nightmare", Åttan går in och styr och ställer, och arbetar själv lojalt och hårt för att arbetet ska utföras och bli klart. Men arbetsplatser kan också sky Åttan om de inte är beredda att förändra det som inte står rätt till.

Just att Åttor kan fara fram som bulldozers kan vara skrämmande för omgivningen. De som känner Åttan tycker riktigt bra om dem, men omgivningen kan ibland bara se deras tuffa sida. När Ettor vill vara perfekta, Tvåor behövda och Treor framgångsrika, så vill Åttan vara starkare än sin omgivning.

Makt och status går hand i hand, Åttor klär sig bra och har gärna attraktiva partners. De kan möta problematik i sina relationer där de insisterar på att vara självständiga och vara de som bestämmer, samtidigt som de inser att man måste kompromissa i relationer. De respekterar inte den partner som viker sig, och gör bäst i att skaffa sig en partner som är minst lika egensinniga som dem själva och som kräver samma behandling som Åttan ger sig själv. Åttan respekterar styrka, och dessa parrelationer kan fungera bra.

Åttor kommer behöva lista ut genom sina erfarenheter vilken relation de vill ha till pengar, makt och kontroll, och hur de bäst kan utnyttja sin styrka, samt hur de utkräver rättvisa i sin värld. En stor läxa för Åttor är att inse att deras strid inte är så objektiv som de själva vill tro. Åttor kommer på sig själva att de ger sig rätten att döma och straffa dem de anser skyldiga. Om någon gör dem något utkräver de en än värre vedergällning. De ger inte andra rätten att vara lika aggressiva tillbaka. De anser att de har mer rätt än andra. Åttor kan gilla någon därför att de är svaga och behöver deras hjälp, men så fort samma person växer sig starkare eller utmanar Åttans makt, så börjar Åttan ogilla densamme omedelbart. Åttan kan anse sig själv attackerad, när det var Åttan själv som provocerade upp attacken till att börja med. Åttor riskerar hamna i obalans om de inte kan hantera sin inre kraft och styrka och lära sig hur den på bästa sätt kan riktas, samt ernå större förståelse för andra människor och deras integritet. Åttors sinne för sann rättvisa, tävlar mot deras sinne för styrka som också kan leda till maktbehov. När egot vill ha makt till bekostnad av allting annat, så kämpar inte Åttan för det som är rätt längre. Åttor kan i slutet av dagen välja att rikta sin styrka för att hjälpa andra, eller ta makten själva.

Just därför att Åttan handlar om sann Rättvisa, så är Åttan starkt förknippad med karma. Många Åttor finner att deras liv till stor del går ut på att rätta till det som hänt i deras förflutna. Åttor stöter därför ihop med människor de känt i tidigare liv, vissa känner de omedelbart starkt för eller ogillar de starkt, eller är kanske rädda för även om de just träffat dem. Åttor är mästare på att gå in och ut ur nya relationer, just därför att de stöter på människor de känt från tidigare liv som de måste bearbeta saker med. Vissa Åttor får ingen rätsida på sina relationer, men det är just för att relationernas syfte är att gå igenom spänningar eller andra ouppklarade saker som de samlat på sig under resans gång. Många manliga Åttor är feminina, och jag tror faktiskt att de huvudsakligen levt som kvinnor i tidigare liv, och nu önskar bearbeta det de råkat ut för genom att se det från männens perspektiv. Så det är viktigt att känna till att Åttornas liv inte alltid kommer av som demonstrationer i makt, utan att Rättvise-aspekten har en viktig plats hos Åttan och kan vara den del som får främst uttryck hos Åttorna. Just inom karman lär sig Åttorna hur alla handlingar och beteenden får konsekvenser. Som du sår får du skörda, är den bästa läraren.

Det finns en hel del yrken som passar Åttor då de är naturliga arbetare och mår bäst när de får ta ut sig själva. Åttor blir bra terapeuter och coacher då de kan se igenom människor och de svagheter eller lögner de intalar sig själva och lyfta upp dem med roten. Åttor kan vara så övertygande och starka i sin retorik att det är det, snarare än vad Åttan söker åstadkomma med sin terapi, som gör att klienten får hjälp. Åttor tror att alla människor har potential och kan resa sig och lyckas med allt de vill företa sig. Åttor är också givna inom organisationer och företag där de de har en god förståelse för vad organisationen eller företaget behöver för att växa och maxa sitt potential. Åttans behov och naturliga instinkt efter makt gör att de passar i högre ledarpositioner, de har inget problem att axla ansvaret. Men Åttor kan också arbeta med djur som skänker dem stor glädje, eller inom jobb de får arbeta fysiskt och där de kan ta ut sig. Ja den absolut viktigaste faktorn för Åttornas jobb är att de får ta ut sig. Som terapeuter går de in i de mest djupaste känslorna och är totalt orädda. Inom organisationen tar de ut sig mentalt och gör ofattbara insatser. På den fysiska arbetsplatsen tar de i hårt fysiskt, och all denna ansträngning ger dem stor tillfredsställelse vid dagens slut.

Siffra 9

Nian är den sista i följden av siffrorna 1-9. Nian står också för Avslutning. I Nian avslutar vi människans liv som ego, och börjar ta till oss värderingarna och synsätten från våra högre jag som vi kommer anamma i nästa fas av vår existens. Detta gör att Nior lever ganska missförstådda liv. För Nian kommer generellt sett te sig helt ointresserad av allting som vi andra prioriterar som absolut nödvändigt i våra liv.

Nior är inte direkt intresserade av karriär, pengar, relationscirkusar, status eller övriga begär. Nior kommer till Jorden och känner sig utanför mängden. Innerst inne vet de med sig att de inte har samma mål och drömmar som andra. De är inte lika intresserade av att uppnå något personligt, och jaga en personlig karriär. De är inte lika intresserade av makt och pengar. Och de är inte lika intresserade av det allmänna skvallret och samhällets generella turbulens, de känner inget behov av att dyka ner i det och ha något med det att göra.

Allt detta hörde till egots behov, men i Nian ska man inte längre gå efter egots önskningar, utan släppa taget, och börja se vad de högre värdena har att erbjuda.


Denna väg är tuff, eftersom omgivningen tolkar Nians brist på intresse för en verklig karriär, för pengar, för många intensiva relationer och etc. som ett allmänt brist på intresse och ambition. Nior anklagas för att vara lata och slöa, och sakna motivation. Nior instämmer att de inte känner sig motiverade, och frågor någon vad de vill kan de få väldigt otillfredsställande svar tillbaka. Anledningen till varför Nior kan verka sakna vilja och driv är att Nior redan mentalt gått över till nästa fas i mänsklighetens utveckling. En fas där vi lever som universella människor. Där vi lärt oss egots svagheter och överkommit dem. Där vi lever i en värld utan krig och konflikter, som hörde den lägre människan till, och där vi hjälper varandra till bättre liv. Svaret är att Nior inte är intresserade av att gå efter det vi gör. De hade visat minst samma ambition som oss själva om det funnits vettiga saker att gå efter. Nu pratar jag inte om de fysiska ting vi byggt upp i vår värld, utan jag pratar om våra grundläggande värderingar. Som världen är idag, oavsett dess fina ord, så är majoriteten intresserade främst av sig själva och söker makt och status. Att vara i toppen innebär inte huvudsakligen att man osjälviskt arbetar för andra, utan att man har mest pengar och status. Ens partner är mycket som oftast utvald för attribut kopplade till yttre faktorer, snarare än inre. När man utvecklas bortom egot så finns längre inget begär att gå efter det ytliga liv som leds av egot, och man vill leva livet på ett vis vi andra beundrar, men ännu inte kan förmå oss att göra.

I Rider Waite's tarotkort är kort nr 9 "Eremiten". Den som drar sig undan från världen men leder den med sitt ljus som en andlig guru och vägledare. Vissa Nior drar sig gärna undan från världen. Även om de skulle ha saker, värdefulla saker, att lära ut till världen, är de inte alltid redo att göra en större ambitiös ansträngning för att ge sig ut i världen och ta en position där de kan förmedla sin kunskap.

Nior kan därför komma att kämpa med sin ekonomi. Vissa kan leva dag för dag, och ta enklare jobb som inte innefattar avancemang. Men Nior kan såklart även ha bättre jobb, men oavsett vart man finner dem, så får man uppfattningen att de är lite i sin egen värld, och ser något vi andra inte gör.

Niornas affärer på Jorden handlar om avslut. Därför är de sällan pigga på att börja nya projekt, karriärer, binda sig till arbetsplatser, eller ens egna boenden och egna egendomar. Eftersom allt detta fördröjer deras mål att avsluta saker. Om du binder upp dig till nya projekt, arbeten, människor, relationer och egendomar blir du bunden igen, och Niorna har en inre upplevelse av att de är här för att avsluta, och finner det naturligare att frigöra sig från saker, än att ta dem till sig. Omgivningen förstår inte Niornas motivation, som tycks självförnekande och självuppoffrande.

Nior mår bäst när de får hjälpa andra, och Nior kan osjälviskt hjälpa andra utan att förvänta sig något tillbaka.

Niornas livsväg handlar främst om avslut. De testas i att släppa taget. Vanligtvis yttrar det sig på följande sätt. De upplever starka intensiva känslor för relationer, samhällsfrågor, eller vad än det kan vara. Testet går ut på att de ska lära sig släppa taget om det de känner så starkt för, på så vis att Niorna upptäcker att de starka känslorna kom från egot, men att deras högre jag kan tolka situationen på ett mycket mera vist sätt. Varje gång Niorna lyckas med en sådan insikt, uppnår de en förståelse från ett högre perspektiv, och de ökar i visdom. Nior kontemplerar sig själv, och vilka de är ständigt. I varje möte i sina liv där de släpper taget, tänker de och känner hur det känns, och märker hur de sakta växer och når större och större frid.

Nior kan däremot även hamna i andra fällor. Nior som inte är tillräckligt medvetna för att förstå att de är här för att växa i de högre insikterna kan kombinera Niornas brist på intresse för att gå efter en personlig karriär eller personliga ambitioner, med egots begär efter bekvämlighet. När allting är bra, skönt och lugnt, kan de hamna i fällan att bara stanna kvar. Kanske föds de in i en väldigt bra familjesituation. De har redan en känsla av att de inte vill ha egen egendom, eller binda sig i världen. Det kan leda till att de blir kvar i sin familj. Väl i familjen har de familjemedlemmar som inverkar på dem och det liv de tycker de ska leva, som ofta är ett materialistiskt liv. Kanske blir de fast i ett familjeföretag. Utmaningen för Niorna är att de måste slita sig från detta, för det är inte dem de är. Niornas slutgiltiga mål är att stå själva med integritet och visdom och leva ett liv på de högre villkor Nian dikterar. Familjen kommer kanske aldrig förstå, eller vännerna och omvärlden, men det spelar ingen roll, och Nian inser det till slut.

Nior gör sig ofta vänner med andra människor som inte heller riktigt passar in, men de har också oftast vänner från alla världens hörn och samhällsklasser, just därför att Nian kan sympatisera med alla kulturer, åldrar och livsöden. Det bekommer dem egentligen inte, de har en inre upplevelse att de redan varit med om allting, och att de förstår vad andra går igenom.

Nior har ingenting emot att gå in i relationer, men de söker fred och harmoni i sina relationer och vill inte ha drama. De kommer inte förändra sig och kompromissa i relationen, om än kan de lyssna på partnern om denne påvisar att Nian inte är rättvis och beter sig bra. Nian är intresserad av att vara en god människa, och de kan då använda relationen som en språngbräda att utvecklas än mer åt den goda, visa människan de önskar vara.

Inom sina arbeten är Nior talangfulla på flera olika områden. Oftast ger de intrycket av att de vet exakt vad de gör, även om de aldrig gjort det förut. Men Nior har en god tilltro till sin allmänna förmåga, som återigen troligen kommer sig från att de upplever att det gjort allting detta tidigare.

Yrkesmässigt så söker Nior yrken där de kan vara lärare, ledare, kommunikatörer. Yrken där de kan få chansen att prata och dela med sig av sin egen visdom. Även om yrket definierat sina målsättningar, så kommer Nian ändå passa på att lära och hjälpa människorna när de får chansen.


Nu har du lärt dig om siffrorna 1-9's betydelse, och vad siffrorna betyder på de Fem positioner vi kan räkna på utifrån våra födelsedatum och namn!

När du nu lärt dig lite mera om dig själv, är det dags att börja kika på viktiga personer i ditt liv.


  • Har du barn så kan siffrorna hjälpa dig att förstå vad dina barn motiveras av, hur de fungerar, var de behöver ditt stöd och var ni kommer komma överens och var ni kommer uppleva oenigheter.


  • Om du har en partner och vill förstå honom eller henne bättre, se var ni kommer överens och var ni inte kommer överens, ta reda på varför ni träffades och få en godare förståelse för er relation, eller om du letar efter en partner och undrar vad det är du söker efter och hur du ska gå till väga för att attrahera en partner så kan siffrorna förklara detta också.


Vill du ha mer hjälp så går det bra att beställa tid hos mig eller ringa mig direkt:

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